When I was younger my parents took me on cool road trips around the USA. We saw so many things, from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Kennedy Space Centre.. I was a lucky kid to see so much of this part of the world.

I think this is where my love of exploring began. I’ve always been more into ‘seeing things’ than laying on a beach. I don’t mind that from time to time, but I am truly at my happiest wandering around a city I’ve never been to, stopping for gelato and popping to a museum. 

Combining this love with my other, taking photographs. And I am in my element. 

I have been so lucky to have photographed some stunning destination weddings in France and Italy. They are the most amazing days. I love bright and airy photographs, so the light in a sunny climate works perfectly with my style. 

I love how exciting destination weddings are. Hoping on a plane to a beautiful wedding location is an absolute dream.

If you’d like any information or want to talk travel, please send me over an email.